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Access to the internet is no longer a luxury. It has become an essential utility for every household, even in rural communities.

In fact, the farther you go from urban centers, the more critical the need for high-speed internet. At Kiza, we know this better than most — we live here in the Santa Ynez Valley, too. We use the internet every day — for entertainment, for work, for keeping in touch with friends and loved ones, and in some cases to extend the range of our phones. We love this beautiful piece of heaven we live in. And with fast internet from Kiza Wireless, we can enjoy our rural paradise without compromise.



Kiza founder and owner Denny Bollay was a pioneer in the early days of personal computing. He has played a key role in making the internet what it is today.

When Denny and his wife moved to their ranch in Santa Ynez, he was disappointed by the lack of good, reliable, fast internet. Not one to settle for an inadequate solution, Denny decided to take matters into his own hands. And so Kiza Wireless was born.


How Kiza Compares

Kiza isn’t the only Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the Santa Ynez Valley. But in most cases, it’s the best option. Let’s see how Kiza stacks up.


Some more densly populated areas have fiber-based internet services provided by big corporations. If you have access to fiber to your location, good for you! Many of us don’t.


Like fiber, cable is a great option if you can get it.


DSL can provide high-speed internet, but only if you’re relatively close to a main telephone switch. Given how spread out properties are in the Valley, few are able to get usable internet via DSL.


Beaming data from space sounds super cool, but those flying hunks of tech are hundreds to tens of thousands of miles away! Even at the speed of light, those signals take time to travel back and forth, leading to very high latency. Data caps limit streaming to a couple of shows per month, and upload speeds cannot compete.


If you have a strong cellular signal, it is sometimes feasible to use a hotspot, but your data, bandwidth, and speed may be limited and often throttled.

5G Cellular

What about 5G? 5G is designed for high density cities and will never be appropriate for rural areas like the Santa Ynez Valley.

Kiza Wireless

Kiza Wireless Internet is simply the best option available to many who live outside of municipal boundaries in the Santa Ynez Valley. Call us today to see if we can provide you with fast, realiable, and friendly internet service.

Kiza Wireless Internet

Kiza Wireless Intenet is the best solution currently available for most rural areas of the Santa Ynez Valley. Drop us a line to see if Kiza will work for you.

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